Monday, December 7, 2015

Boreas progress - page 2 finish!

We have an elbow!

I know it's taken me a while, but at long last, I've finished page 2 of Boreas! I've been plugging away at it (with a brief break for a side project) and it's been awesome to see more of the pattern develop, especially when I get to stitch something that isn't a dark blob! I know page 3 has a lot of dark blobby stuff on it, but I'm excited to start on it :)

While I'm blogging, I have a question! I've noticed lately that my scroll frame is going crooked in a way - instead of staying in a true rectangle, one of the bars will skew so things are out of alignment. This picture shows what I mean - see how the bars aren't parallel?

I have to tighten the bars a LOT to get decent tension, and it seems when I pull them really tight, it causes them to skew. I had my boyfriend hold things in place while I tightened them last night, but they flipped out of alignment while I was working! Has anyone else dealt with this? Any tips?

- Leigh


  1. Great progress on Boreas.
    I can't help you with your scroll frame problem I'm afraid but I'm assuming once the wood is bent it will never go back into shape. Perhaps contact the seller and see if they can offer any advice. :)

  2. What a lovely elbow! Great progress. I can't help with the scroll bars but I hope it doesn't slow you down any!

  3. Boras is looking wonderful Leigh! Well done on your second page finish :) It appears that the bottom scroll bar (one resting on chair arms) is the one that has become skewed. So I wonder if it's possible that the weight of the frame has been unevenly distributed between the chair arms due to the stand only holding it on one side and the soft arms not supporting the frame evenly... This seems like a possibility anyway!

  4. Thanks for all the suggestions! It isn't the wood itself that's warping, Rachel, but the way the pieces fit together, if that makes sense. I think you might be onto something, Megan - I usually have one side resting on the chair arms and one that isn't, and I didn't realize that might be skewing things. Last night I trimmed off an inch of extra fabric (I still have 3+ inches for framing!) and was able to fit it in a smaller frame that doesn't stretch across the entire chair, so I think that will help!

    1. That sounds like a good solution :D Let us know how you go!