Friday, February 17, 2017

It sure has been a while!

I'm still here! Still stitching! I've been stitching this whole time, actually. Most of 2016 was taken up with personal side projects - I had two weddings AND two babies to celebrate! I won't be posting those projects, as they include personal details and pictures, but it was a joy to stitch them :)

A finish I'll happily share are these Christmas ornaments! They were a Dimensions kit I bought online. I just BARELY managed to finish them in time to give them to friends and family for Christmas - I did keep one ornament for myself, though! Finishing them was definitely the worst part. Tacky glue and felt and I do not play well together, and some of them came out pretty uneven. All part of the charm, I guess.

I found that I really like having a smaller side project I can stitch on the couch when I'm not in the mood to climb behind my giant floor stand! So naturally after finishing the ornaments, I started something else:

It doesn't look like much yet, but someday it'll be a beautiful nebula! I kitted this up almost 2 years ago and I'm really glad to finally work on it. The bright colors are FANTASTIC and a very nice change from Boreas, which is very muddy. I'm coming up on a page finish on Boreas (my first since last May, sadly!) - hopefully I'll have an update soon!

- Leigh

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