Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cabin retrospective

I'm really hitting the home stretch on my cabin project - I have the majority of the backstitching done! (I still have a bunch of French knots to look forward to, ugh.)

It's crazy to think how far I've come with the cabin. I began it all the way back in June 2013, and I don't think I really grasped how long it would take me at the time! I bought the kit on Amazon after searching for "cross stitch kits." (Very clever of me, I know.)

Look at how little things used to be! Look at how much confetti there was right away, yikes. It's weird remembering when I used to stitch on a hoop. I never really got the hang of hoops and didn't like them much. I was soooooo happy when  I discovered Q-Snaps! Under the cut, there are a bunch of progress pictures of the cabin over time.

I really can't wait to get this one done and framed!

- Leigh


  1. This is still one of my favorites and I need to hurry and put it in my stash ( or better yet put it in my frame and get it started LOL).

    You've done a beautiful job!

  2. I ditto Sarah! I could never get bored looking at this picture but am more realistic about whether or not I could actually get round to stitching it. Maybe in 5 years' time!
    BTW, congratulations on your win. I wonder what you'll choose? :)

  3. I Don't like hoops either, they leave such ugly roundness lol I love the Qsnaps, they're so much better! your picture is very beautiful, what allot of hours have gone into it.

  4. This looks beautiful! Great progress :)

  5. It is a gorgeous project! I sitch in-hand and love that, but Im thinking that I might have to use some sort of hoop/snap etc if I move on to even larger projects... How exactly does the Qsnap work in comparison to the hoop?