Friday, March 27, 2015

Past finishes!

Well, I don't have any progress to post, as I haven't had much time to stitch this week and my current project is a birthday surprise for someone, so I can't post pictures of it yet!

Instead, I thought I'd post some smaller projects I completed in 2014!

This was a Valentine's Day gift for my boyfriend last year :) I got him to watch 30 Rock, my favorite show of all time, and this is a joke from the show. I made the pattern using StitchPoint's writing tool. I added in the little border myself, which meant a lot of counting and scribbling as I tried to figure out an even spacing for it!

I made this one using Steotch's pattern for my brother's birthday, since he's a huge Archer fan. This was the first project I used gridding for!

Warning: the last project contains NSFW language, so I've put it behind a cut.

This was the 2014 Mystery Stitchalong from Steotch! It was a lot of fun trying to guess what the pattern would be - at first I thought it was a white elephant, which seems silly in retrospect. I gave this one to my brother (different brother!) and his fiancĂ©e at their engagement party.

Finally, because I'm 12 and think this is funny, here's the first picture I took of the Bloody Mary project:

- Leigh

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  1. A couple of lovely finishes there. I would never have known the first one was charted by you as it looks so professional! Well done! :)