Monday, April 20, 2015

Finish - Cabin

It's done!!!

I started this project way back on June 5th, 2013, so it took me just under two years. I'm super pumped to finally be done with it and get it framed!!

Speaking of framing, does anyone have any recommendations for mounting material? For smaller projects I've just cut cereal or pasta boxes down to size, but I don't think I'll find any big enough for the cabin. Can I just use a matting board?

Here are some close-ups of the details!


  1. Wow, congratulations on this gorgeous finish! I admire your ability to finish such big projects!
    Happy Monday Leigh x

  2. Stunning! Congratulations on your Happy Dance!
    As for finishing it, I would seriously consider spending money on getting it professionally mounted and framed. In my opinion, all that time and effort is definitely worth spending the extra money on. :)

  3. Congratulation.
    A wonderful finish.
    Greetings, Manuela from Germany.

  4. Thank you all so much!

    Rachel - I'm definitely planning to get it professionally framed, but I just assumed I'd have to mount it myself! Maybe I'll have to ask if they can mount it for me as well :)

  5. Leigh this is absolutely stunning! I love the close-up photos. This is one I would like to stitch myself someday and it's wonderful to see it finished. Congratulations!
    My framer stretches and mounts as well as frames. I would check whether your framer is experienced with fabric and if not find one that is. It is definitely worth the extra expense for such a beautiful piece.

  6. You must feel amazing!! What a beautiful finish!!! It will look simply stunning on your wall :) Well done for perservering for so long and for creating such a lovely piece:)

  7. I've just come across your blog and oh wow, big congratulations on your lovely cabin! It's a super design and a beautiful finish. Please put another photo on your blog of it when it's framed!

  8. Wow that is amazing so much stitching, The end result is beautiful. Are you going to
    frame your work? Sunny greetings from New Orleans, Alice

  9. Thanks, everyone! I'll definitely post pictures once I get it framed :)

  10. Hi, new to your blog! What a magnificent finish.
    Huge congratulations are in order considering the size and details of this piece.
    I personally spend money and would get it framed professionally.

  11. Beautiful finish!!! Looking forward to seeing it framed ;)

  12. Congratulations on your cabin finish. It's beautiful. Cant wait to see what frame you choose.