Monday, April 6, 2015

Finish - Tudor Rose

I finally have some new stitching to share!

I've taken a hiatus from the cabin for the past couple months in order to complete Tudor Rose as a birthday gift for my mom! I stumbled on the pattern online months ago and knew that I wanted to stitch it at some point. I'd never done blackwork before, but I loved the intricacy of the different patterns.

I do feel a little sad about the framing job on this one - for some reason I was convinced that I had stitched this on 16-count aida, so I bought an 8x10 frame, and discovered that I'd actually stitched it on 14-count and the frame was too small. I did go out and by a larger frame, but it ended up not working either and I decided to just use the 8x10 frame and cut off a couple of the leaves. Don't be like me, kids!

Here are some progress pics! I can't wait to blitz through the last of the finishing on the cabin, and I'm hoping next weekend I can start buying supplies for my next BAP!


  1. It looks lovely - I am sure your mum will love it! It is difficult to frame pieces yourself, isn't it? I always do it myself because it is cheaper, but it is hard getting it to look right sometimes...

  2. Thank you! I've framed several smaller projects myself and I usually don't have too much trouble with things, but I think I want to get my large cabin project professionally framed.

  3. Beautiful design and stitching. Thanks for the link, love the Tudor era.

  4. Congrats on your finish Leigh! I've never tried stitching blackwork myself but love the intricacy of the pattern :)